Graviera cheese wrapped in fyllo crust

Graviera cheese wrapped in fyllo crust


Recipe by Eva Parakentaki!


  • graviera cheese
  • cherry tomatoes
  • caper
  • florina peppers
  • seasame
  • Brava Balsamic Cream with honey
  • olive oil
  • fyllo crust


  1.  On a clean surface we place two pieces of the fyllo crust. In the middle we put the graviera cheese and on top of that we put the florina peppers, the caper, the cherry tomatoes and we season with salt.
  2. We fold the fyllo crust like a small package.
  3. In a large pan we fry the small package for 4-5 minutes (We only want the fyllo crust to get golden and not the cheese to melt).
  4. We drizzle with the Balsamic Cream and add some seasame.