Minerva, one of the largest food companies in Greece, has recently enhanced its portfolio with the broad range of BRAVA and DELICIA condiments (specifically mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces), which have for years been favored by Greek households.

The Company’ s (4) main categories of products are manufactured in its state-of-the-art production plant in Leonidion, located approximately 200 km from Athens, in the area of Peloponnese (S. Greece).

The Company aims to: maintain the constant high quality of its products and services; ensure a successful presence in the European market; maintain and increase its market share; satisfy the demands and expectations of its customers; comply with the legislative provisions and social institutions relating to its business activity (safety, respect of the environment, saving of energy and materials).

The Company’s restless spirit is expressed through its Research & Development (R&D) Department. The Department, which has been operative since the foundation of the Company, has always aimed at improving products, technology and procedures. Through the years, the Department has evolved, has been integrated in the Company’s Quality System and has expanded its scope.

R & D has to do with constant updating and improvement. In particular :

  • Improvement of the Company’s products so as to always meet the legislative provisions, the needs of consumers and the Company’s goals.
  • Development of new products that meet the needs of the Company’s customers and consumers. Innovation is at the heart of the operations. Drawing on the extensive knowledge of ingredients, processes and market requirements, we specialize in developing new and custom products in partnership with our clients and suppliers. We collaborate with our partners to develop technology and packaging concepts.
  • Finding the appropriate raw materials for the Company’s existing and new products.
  • New technologies, methods and procedures, aiming at improving the production process, in collaboration with the Production and Technical Support Departments.
  • Application of the existing Greek and European laws, in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Division.
  • New packaging, suitable for the Company’s products, in collaboration with the Marketing Department.
  • Support of the Hygiene & Safety System (HACCP).

The Company’ s Quality Control Department is one of the most important and dynamic departments. Through the years, the Department has evolved, has been staffed by qualified personnel, has acquired modern equipment and is now capable of conducting research concerning the Hygiene & Safety System and provide assistance to the R & D Department, in addition to the scheduled daily control of production and products.

For almost 30 years we are dedicated to our business relationships. Working closely with our customers in an honest and responsible way, ensuring that we grow together in a profitable and ethical way. Our vision is always to offer the best to our customers. In this every day effort, you will find us by your side to offer superior quality products that become an enjoyable necessity in the daily table of the final consumers.